Communication Breakdown

Recently I had an issue connecting to the remote server via SSH that for some reason was not responding to commands.

Communication looked like this:

miro@mresetar:~$ ssh -l root
root@'s password:
Last login: Wed Feb 26 08:52:20 2020 from


Connection to closed.

Did you notice that after command exit SSH didn’t exit the connection? I’ve tried Ctrl + D too but without luck.

I might just close the terminal and open a new one, but sometimes, as in this time, you want to keep history of executed commands.


So what to do? Of-course Google-it :). Few links away is always helpful StackExchange with, in this case, Super User group. Answer was: How do I exit an SSH connection?.

Solution: Simple. Use keys Enter~.. Depending on the keyboard layout for the ~ sign you might enter 2 keys. For my keyboard this is Alt Gr + 1.

And that’s it. After this key stroke sequence, message Connection to closed. is printed. One terminal (and history) saved :)